2017 Books and Movies

Books. I read 37 books in 2017, which is less than in 2016 (45) or 2015 (54). However, several of the books were long collections (over 700 pages), including three Dozois science-fiction collections. I read 12 collections in all, four of science-fiction, four of poetry, two mystery, two fiction. I also read two sci-fi magazines, and a collection of Fritz Leiber stories as well as a collection by Neil Gaiman. The Gaiman collection contained a story in the American Gods universe, and I read that novel later in the year, liking it quite well. My favorite book was Robert Waggoner’s Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self, which was fascinating and full of information. I read the two newest Spenser movels (by Ace Atkins), liking Slow Burn quite well but finding Little White Lies a bit generic. I read the first two Anne Hillerman “Leaphorn and Chee” novels, continuing her dad’s series, liking the first one a bit more than the second. I read the first two books in the old Tom Corbett “space cadet” series. Of the 37 books, 12 were non-fiction . . . .

Movies. Alain and I saw 42 movies in 2017, a bit fewer than our average of 48. My favorites were Keti, Hidden Figures (technically a 2016 movie), Wonder Woman, and The Shape of Water. I also very much enjoyed Valerian, The Big Sick, and Three Billboards.

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