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From June 2000 through June 2008 I was editor, etc., of the Old West Side News, a nine-times-a-year community newsletter serving Ann Arbor’s Old West Side.  Over 72 issues I wrote dozens of articles. Here’s one about Vicky Honeyman (who has RC ties, after all), likely from 2007 (I’ll check and report back), and here’s a link to a story about Books By Chance, an Ann Arbor book-selling service.

Back in junior high and high school, I produced a little newsletter of sorts for my friends called The Philadelphia Ben Franklin, I guess mostly because I was a big Franklin fan. It was an early opportunity to hone the 5th-grade humor I’m known for. The newsletter ran for around 35 issues, approximately from 1963-66. Yes, there was paper and ink way back then. Here’s a sample (at least of the front page).




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